#Project365: Yes, it’s true. The plant is still alive. (156/365)

On January 5, I drove from my parents’ house back to my own home with my late grandmother’s plant in tow.  In spite of Mawmaw’s magical green thumb, I thought the prognosis would not be good.  I am a murderer of all things green (ironic, since that’s my favorite color), and I have only had one plant survive more than a few months under my care. As you can see from my January 22 Project365, I was surprised it even survived THAT long.

It’s June 5.  I present to you, THE PLANT, six months after I took it over:

Not only has it survived, the crazy little guy has actually GROWN!  I can only believe that Mawmaw’s magical thumbprint has managed to stay on it and protect it from my murdering skills.

By contrast, here are a couple of herb plants given to me 3 weeks ago by a co-worker:

Yes, I watered them!  I told you, plants hate me.


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