#Project365: Office funnies (173/365)

You know that episode of The Office?  The one where Pam puts a note on the messy microwave and walks in on people making fun of the note, who then tell her that the note is more obnoxious than the mess, not knowing that she was the one who wrote it?

Well, that kind of happened to me today.

I walked into the breakroom to find this new note:

I then proceeded to read it out loud very dramatically to my co-worker, who was peacefully enjoying her lunch.  Instead of making fun of it with me, she started to explaining the note and how someone put dirty dishes in the clean dish area etc, etc.  Oops.  Guess I found the note-writer.  She’s right – the fork still covered in cheese in the dish drainer was disgusting, but notes in office kitchens will forever make me giggle.


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