#Project365: Relaxing (183-4/365)

It’s been too hot to enjoy the outdoors lately here in NC.  Near-record highs every day, and it’s only June.  I have a feeling this is going to be a blistering hot summer, and with unusual weather comes the increased likelihood of a hurricane.  We’re due for one, anyway.

So, Friday afternoon I had planned to bum around the house under the protection of the cool a/c, when Megan tweeted that it felt awesome outside.  I ventured out the back door onto our patio and discovered she was right – it was low-80’s outside and the humidity was low, something rare in the summers of NC.  I took my laptop and camera outside and spent some quality yard time with the dogs.

I discovered they go crazy if a squirrel runs across the fence!  I  haven’t witnessed this before, and it was entertaining.

Yesterday, I began working on a project that involved a lot of digging around on my computer AND through picture boxes for scanning.  You’ll get to see the end result shortly when I post it!


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