This week in review… #project365 (186-191/365)

Lack of excitement and abundance of laziness = just now uploading this week’s Project365 pictures.  Here they are, with the briefest of explanations…

While pulling up Bobo pics for his slideshow, I remembered that I had the picture of Bobo reflected in the rearview mirror hanging on the wall.  The other picture is of a sailboat at sunset taken at Huntington Beach, CA when I visited back in 1999 or so.

Tim took my car in for an oil change that day and drove my car for the rest of the day.  I snapped him when he pulled into the driveway.

Bean has been doing a great job of not tearing up anything when we leave her out of her crate during the day.  However, she still sometimes attacks pieces of paper.  In this case, she managed to steal Tim’s daytimer and shred it all over the backyard.

My post-surgery flowers have finally wilted.  Time to throw them out…

Laying out new tile for the kitchen.  You can see the old crap at the top right.  I’ll make the kitchen tile project a separate post when we’re all done!

Last but not least, THIS ASSHOLE WAS IN MY GARAGE!!!!!  I made the picture bigger so you can truly appreciate the terror.  I’m not a person who is usually scared of bugs, spiders, etc but knowing these are around creeps me out so much!!

Coming up….I have a check-off (finally), today’s project365, the tiling project and a reading update.  Hopefully over the next couple of days.


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