Check-off: #40: Send 20 postcards to friends

Completed on 7/12/2010.

I had a bunch of my project365 pics turned into postcards and sent them out to friends just for fun.  Some of them were friends I talk to frequently, others I hadn’t kept in touch with in a few years.  I hope everyone liked them.

Here they are (also my Project365 pic from 7/12):

I actually sent out 21 🙂

I also bumped and extra $5 to savings on August 1 in honor of this July check-off.  I’m still so so so dreadfully behind, on my 101 list, on my blog posts, on everything really.  I need some patience from you, my dear friends.


4 thoughts on “Check-off: #40: Send 20 postcards to friends

  1. I loved mine! In fact, it’s sitting right here on my desk at work. It was a very nice surprise from an awesome friend. Love you!

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