Blog Overkill

So, I’m starting  a new blog.  Sounds stupid, since I have a hard time keeping up with the ones I have.  House blog?  Occasional update (my IRL friends and family only have this link anyway).  Bo & Co?  Slackers, both of them.  This blog has even been crap lately.  So, why start another?

I’m determined to finish my 2009 NaNoWriMo Work-In-Progress.  It doesn’t have to be publish-worthy.  It doesn’t have to please anyone except me.  I just want to see this project through to completion.  It drives me insane that I’ve written half of a novel and not finished it, especially since I know exactly where the story is going and I have a pretty good idea of how I want it to end.  I just lost steam after NaNo.  It was an intense month of writing, and I have thought and thought about the WIP ever since.  Now I just need to get it on paper.

For some reason, every time I open the file, I read a page or two and turn it off.  I find myself wanting to revise, but I need to actually complete the rough draft before I think about revising.  So, I printed out a hard copy of everything (front and back, wide margins, don’t worry – tried to be as eco-friendly as possible!) and stuck it in a binder.  I’m going to force myself to JUST read.  No pen in hand to make corrections.  I want to see how the story works without thinking about what I want to change.

So, yesterday’s Project365 is a picture of the hardcopy.  Purposefully blurry, of course:

I also have 2 screenplays pending, thanks to ScriptFrenzy 2009 & 2010.    One is complete at 103 pages, but needs crazy amounts of revision. The second is sitting at about 104 pages, but isn’t complete.   I’ll keep track of the progress of those on my new blog as well.  And then there’s NaNo2010.  I have an idea, so I’ll have yet another partial draft sitting out in space.

I think I’ll also discuss books & reading on the new blog.  I haven’t decided yet.  When I get everything up and running, I’ll post the link.  I’ll link this (my personal blog) to my writing blog, but I won’t link back.   The new blog will not have any discussions about my personal life, photography, infertility, 101 in 1001, etc.

I also opened up a new twitter account just for discussing writing/books.  My personal twitter (which still will get constant and obnoxious tweets) is linked at the top right.



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