Tiling the kitchen…

Tim gets full credit for this one. I was recovering from surgery and really didn’t help much at all. Sometimes I’m just incredibly impressed by his natural skill with home improvement projects without training or previous experience.Our home came with generic vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms, so we wanted to upgrade this to real tile. We chose porcelain due to its durability, and chose this particular color because it looked nice with the current cabinets (which we never plan to replace) and the current countertop (which we might replace but get a similar color).

Here is the project, step-by-step:

Laying out tile to measure – here you can see the new tile vs. the old vinyl:

Old floor was pulled up, concrete cleaned, then tile started in the center:

Midway through, you can see the spacers (we used 1/4″)
This was a day later. The tile was settled & Tim put down the grout
Floor is finished, just need to put back the baseboard/trim & appliances
We decided on this matching mosaic as a transition piece instead of a wood transition.
Going to take a break for a few months before tackling the bathrooms! We did pick out the tile, and it is similar to this except lighter.

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