Writing Blog update

It’s up.  Not much there yet, but feel free to become a follower.  Maybe it will become interesting as I do more with it:

I’m a dork.  I called it CasuALLY Writing.  (clicky)

Also, head over to my Project365 page to see my pictures from yesterday and today.

Here is the one from yesterday:

Um, it isn’t my imagination, right?  There’s some weirdass circle of darker grass in my yard.  Anyone know what is causing it, or is it just random?

Today’s pic:  Bobo in the new Costco bed.  I bought just one, and Bo & Bean seem to alternate sleeping in it.  I love how they share everything.


2 thoughts on “Writing Blog update

  1. Could that dark circle be where your septic tank is? We have a spot in our yard that gets extra green and grows faster than the rest and DH says that is where our septic tank is. Not sure if it’s true, but that’s my only explanation.

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