It’s not Kabbalah.

People keep asking me about my bracelet, most of them asking if it’s a Kabbalah bracelet.

It’s not.

I mostly just tell them one of my friends made it for me, which is the truth, but there’s  more to the story.  I actually posted it on my blog before, back on April 8, 2010 for my Project365 when it arrived in the mail with a nice card from my friend Jenny:

I’ve worn it every day since.  So, what’s the story behind this reddish-purple bracelet?

It’s called Infertility’s Common Thread, and to read the back story, click here —–>  The History of Infertility’s Common Thread

Jenny was one of my few sounding boards when I was still in the infertility closet, and she gave me this bracelet as a reminder that I’m not alone.  There are so many women out there, like her, who couldn’t have a child without a lot of help.  Her story is amazing by the way, so if you haven’t checked out What the Blog? you need to NOW.  She’s now in her 2nd trimester with triplets, and I’m hoping some of her luck (specifically 1/3 of her luck) will rub off on me sometime soon.

So if you see someone like me wearing a pomegranate (not red!) bracelet, take a second to mentally wish her good luck with her struggle.

Now, a quick update on me!  We were on a forced 2 cycle TTC break post-surgery.  I have a repeat HSG scheduled next Wednesday to see if the surgery was successful and hopefully we will get the all-clear!   My father also has a procedure scheduled next Wednesday, so if you have me on your thoughts & prayers list, please add him as well.

Thanks as always for everyone’s support!  xoxo


3 thoughts on “It’s not Kabbalah.

  1. Hi,

    I just came across your list on Day Zero on a random search, and unlike some others read it through to the end, because it had such character and you seemed so lovely. So I clicked on your website and just read about the bracelet. I hope it brings you luck. After 5 years of IVF and several sad failures, we ended up having beautiful twin boys . I hope this happens to you soon, as you sound so lovely and would make a great mum.

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