Doing a little housekeeping…

Since I’m thinking about using this blog again to, you know, actually post some content, I decided to clean it up a bit. I’m removing most of the tags and tagging into broader categories, shrinking some pictures, combining my Project 365 pages and deleting old links that are broken. Sorry if I keep popping up in your blogroll or news feed (if you happen to still have my blog included, faithful one).

Future uses for this blog space will be to:

  • chat about my experiences on the road to and in the midst of motherhood
  • chat about my experience so far with my child’s food allergy
  • chat about books and reading in general
  • chat about writing, or my lack of writing these days
  • chat about my awesome writer friends and the amazing things they are doing these days
  • chat about trying to take off this extra weight

If you’ve been with me in the past, I hope to see you again. I need to dust off my writing fingers and I thought playing around on this blog would be a good starting point.

Talk to you soon!



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