Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

The boys are still at an age where the actual process of Trick-or-Treating means more than the candy. Since N has a peanut allergy, we will always have to screen candy and will have to come up with a future game plan. This year it was simple – we let them collect whatever candy was given to them and put it in their buckets. When we got home, they almost immediately forgot about the candy and were more excited about playing with glow sticks. We dumped the candy back into our candy bowl and gave it away.

E was game. He willingly visited every house. N was a little more reserved. He preferred to hang out in the wagon until his cousin and friends showed up and he decided to participate with the group. Our neighborhood was packed with kids because it has sidewalks and streetlights and a lot of parents bring their kids in from other neighborhoods.

Here are our minions!

Edited to add: Since a few people have asked, I bought the yellow shirts from Kohl’s (in Yukon Gold), the overalls from OshKosh and the hats were made by etsy seller Crochet4Cuties. I picked up some $0.79 gloves from Walmart and made the Gru symbol myself out of felt.

minions minions3 minions2 minions4 minions5



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