The evolution of our master bathroom.

Our house is tiny, but for the most part the floor plan works really well. It’s an open floor plan with bedrooms tucked off to the side. One room that is seriously lacking, though, is the master bath. It’s the size of a spare bath and even though it has a nice garden tub, it’s a combo shower/tub. No linen closet, no storage, no double sink. Super small.

We have actually completely changed it up twice now. So now I present to you the evolution of our master bath. Sorry for the complete crap pictures:



Top left is when we first moved in. Everything builder-grade, generic, no paint, same shower curtain I had in my apartment since 2001.

Bottom left is the first update. We went with a crazy orange which I loved for a while but eventually wore on my nerves. We purchased a new shower curtain, new bath mats, new mirror, new fixture, new accessories (towel rack, tp holder, outlet covers, etc).

The right is our latest change-up. We put down new tile floors and wainscoting, repainted to a relaxing color (Sherwin Williams Sea Salt) and changed the trim/painted the wainscoting in Cream Delight by Valspar. We kept the curtain, bath mats (ignore the random towel in this picture) and accessories. I think we are finished with this room for a while. We’re working on the living room next.



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