Vacation is over! Part Two

My previous post discussed preparation for Disney and our Disney Day 1 in Magic Kingdom.

Disney Day 2: Park Hopping
Day two was less grueling than day one, mostly because we had help! We decided to drive in that morning bright and early and my sister (who lives locally) and brother-in-law met us at the gate of Hollywood Studios. We picked this park first because we really wanted the boys to be able to ride Toy Story Mania and heard the line gets insane very quickly upon park opening.

We heard right! We went immediately to the ride when the park opened, and the wait was already 15 minutes. By the time we exited the ride, it was up to an hour wait. 

IMG_3964Luckily, the line to meet Buzz and Woody wasn’t yet too long, so we were able to get the boys right in. N’s favorite character has been Woody lately, but he wanted nothing to do with the life-sized version! Buzz was a big hit with E again, and he was willing to pose for some shots.

From there, we walked to get in line for Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc right before they arrived. This time, E was more apprehensive (though willing) and N jumped right in. He wanted to hold Mike’s hand while we took pictures.IMG_3976

cars4Waiting in line for Lightning McQueen and Mater took no time at all. They are stationary so we didn’t have to worry about break time or interaction between the characters and the kids. We ended up having to go through the line twice because N did not want to give up his time with McQueen. He was so enamored, and when we told him it was time for the next kid in line’s turn he lamented, “But I love him!”

Next we met Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates), who was a big hit with both boys, and we ran into Sofia the First when she was going to go take a break.

Click on page 2 to see the rest – this is another long/image heavy post!


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