Writer friends – Kelsey Macke

Another success story from my group of writing buddies! I am so proud and impressed with what Kelsey has achieved here. In her contemporary YA novel, Damsel Distressed, Kelsey turns the idea of the stereotypical heroine of a story on its head with Imogen, an overweight and depressed teen with a history of self-abuse. Don’t worry, although the story may sound intense (and it is at times very full of emotion), you have plenty of humor and plenty of¬†anticipation to keep the pages turning.

Here is the best part – at certain times in the story, you are prompted to listen to a companion song which was written and performed by Kelsey and her husband Daron who make up the band Wedding Day Rain. The soundtrack is available for download and the songs set the background stage for what Imogen is feeling.


You can order the book here.

You can download the soundtrack, Imogen Unlocked, here.

Official book site is here.

You can check out Kelsey’s website here.

You can check out Wedding Day Rain here.



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