CasuALLY Musing is a blog combining several blog projects, beginning in 2007. In other words, this blog is a big mess and mainly serves as a writing outlet.

From 2007 – current, I have been blogging about our house adventures, from building a little starter home in a planned community to upgrading and updating it so we’ll feel like we have something new.

From 2007 – 2010 I also kept a blog about the amusements of our dogs, Bobo and Cocoa Bean.

On this blog, started in 2009, I tracked my progress of two projects – Project365  and 101 in 1001.

Now, I blog about a variety of things – books, writing, kids, pets, home decor, food…thus the random ramblings.


About Ally: 

Born, raised, and live in North Carolina. Married for 6 years, mother of twin boys for almost 3. Overcame infertility, really bad reflux, and a degree in biology I decided not to use. Trying to slow down time, shed some pounds, and crush my writer’s block.  I suck at all things stereotypically girly. 



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