Project 365

CasuALLY Snapping:  Scenes from life.

Project 365. Participated in 2010.

One day I will hunt down and finish uploading September 13 – December 31. I promise.

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September 12, 2010

honda, the bug slayer

September 11, 2010relaxing lake

September 10, 2010in-laws’ evil kitty

September 9, 2010lots of cops

September 8, 2010sad Snoopy remains

September 7, 2010new tick-tock

September 6, 2010delicious dinner, regret later

September 5, 2010pauley’s bobo pic

September 4, 2010begging BFF for food

September 3, 2010acupuncture table

September 2, 2010Hurricane Earl

September 1, 2010real wedge pillow

August 31, 2010laundry day

August 30, 2010makeshift wedge pillow

August 29, 2010the best picture of bean…ever

August 28, 2010attempting normalcy

August 27, 2010Cuddle before the kill

August 26, 2010something new

August 25, 2010breakfast

August 24, 2010yesssssssssssss!

August 23, 2010bedfellows

August 22, 2010midnight lightning

August 21, 2010It’s always Harry Potter weekend.

August 20, 2010

lazy bean

August 19, 2010rainy day

August 18, 2010I love surgery socks.

August 17, 2010well hello, nasty

August 16, 2010writers’ chat 

August 15, 2010laundry day

August 14, 2010flip-flop blister

August 13, 2010Box o’ Books

August 12, 2010The new Costco bed

August 11, 2010weird, right?

August 10, 2010Picasso-ish sky

August 9, 2010tortured some people

August 8, 2010faster than the shutter speed

August 7, 2010hard copy WIP

August 6, 2010polka-dot patio

August 5, 2010window friend

August 4, 2010another cool sky

August 3, 2010too hot. A/C broken. 

August 2, 2010a surprise at work

August 1, 2010awesome movie date night

July 31, 2010music exchange

July 30, 2010lost on a campus

July 29, 2010Random turtles

July 28, 2010Dorks.

July 27, 2010Bean is love.

July 26, 2010more meds

July 25, 2010purposefully blurry

July 24, 2010how I spent my summer vacation

July 23, 2010Pretty in Pink

July 22, 2010Pedialyte

July 21, 2010time for a re-read

July 20, 2010frolicking

July 19, 2010the suckiness continues

July 18, 2010another sucky day

July 17, 2010Voldemort?

July 16, 2010Humidity

July 15, 2010meeting

July 14, 2010sucky day

July 13, 2010living room oven

July 12, 2010postcards to friends

July 11, 2010Toads ‘N Hose

July 10, 2010Unwelcome Garage Guest

July 9, 2010Old vs. New

July 8, 2010Wilted Flowers

July 7, 2010Daytimer Destruction

July 6, 2010Arrival in my car

July 5, 2010On my wall

July 4, 2010Happy Birthday, Bobo!

July 3, 2010Project

July 2, 2010Squirrel Hunters

July 1, 2010A new friend

June 30, 2010Crateless Bean

June 29, 2010Another storm rolls in…

June 28, 2010Even more flowers!  Thanks, Co-workers 🙂

June 27, 2010My stomach hates me.

June 26, 2010Lots of quality Bobo time.

June 25, 2010More flowers.  Thanks, Mommy 🙂

June 24, 2010flowers from friends

June 23, 201011pm panic shot

June 22, 2010Breakroom funnies

June 21, 2010Nervous

June 20, 2010Beautiful Jess 🙂

June 19, 2010Weirdos.
June 18, 2010Mr. Frog greets you

June 17, 2010Neighbor’s rose through our fence

June 16, 2010Pretty morning sky

June 15, 2010Deja Vu.  Only worse.

June 14, 2010Too hot in my car

June 13, 2010Happy Birthday, Ma Mere

June 12, 2010Mi Familia

June 11, 2010Doza

June 10, 2010Here comes the storm

June 9, 2010Random present

June 8, 2010Read and Watch

June 7, 2010Nightlight

June 6, 2010Food for days

June 5, 2010Yes, it’s still alive

June 4, 2010Shipment of essentials

June 3, 2010Sugar-free Sweets

June 2, 2010House guest

June 1, 2010First day of June-bugs

May 31, 2010Random error

May 30, 2010The Big Ugly

May 29, 2010Favorite Frame

May 28, 2010blast from my art past

May 27, 2010Buying some time.

May 26, 2010Rainy Wednesday

May 25, 2010Blood snatchers

May 24, 2010Creepy Shrouded Bridge

May 23, 2010Survival of the flowers

May 22, 2010Backyard raindrops

May 21, 2010hot pink undies

May 20, 2010nearly done

May 19, 2010Save me, Seagate!

May 18, 2010Random old hammer

May 17, 2010Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Chicken

May 16, 2010car wash

May 15, 2010#$%^@!#!

May 14, 2010Bedfellows

May 13, 2010PHOTOBOMB

May 12, 2010the king of his domain

May 11, 2010Our own personal weedeater

May 10, 2010BFF

May 9, 2010Netipot to the rescue! (hopefully)

May 8, 2010Bean’s abode

May 7, 2010Thanks to my book club Elf!

May 6, 2010From our garden

May 5, 2010Comfy cord?

May 4, 2010AI Night

May 3, 2010No.

May 2, 2010Funny Faces

May 1, 2010View of downtown from the battleship

April 30, 2010Quality time at the beach

April 29, 2010Winner!

April 28, 2010Harry Potter Marathon!

April 27, 2010Splash!

April 26, 2010San Cristobal Fort

April 25, 2010Bacardi

April 24, 2010Cathedral de San Juan Bautista

April 23, 2010Fly away with me…

April 22, 2010Ready to party

April 21, 2010Cleaning BFF

April 20, 2010Thanks for serving me, hubby.

April 19, 2010Happy Anniversary, Baby!

April 18, 2010Finished shelves

April 17, 2010Hair today, gone tomorrow

April 16, 2010yard sale preparation

April 15, 2010#amwriting

April 14, 2010South Beach friendly?  Why, yes it is.

April 13, 2010Planting new flowers

April 12, 2010Foggy sunrise over the bridge

April 11, 2010It’s alive!  It’s alive!  Sort of.

April 10, 2010Azalea Festival

April 9, 2010On the way to the vet

April 8, 2010Common Thread

April 7, 2010New license plate

April 6, 2010Beautiful day for a ride

April 5, 2010The result of garage cleaning

April 4, 2010Foggy Easter Sunday Sunrise

April 3, 2010Surprise stored in the garage

April 2, 2010pretty in the kitchen light

April 1, 2010cooler in motion

March 31, 2010The New Ride!

March 30, 2010Random Downtown Scene

March 29, 2010Swedish Meatballs

March 28, 2010Spoiled.

March 27, 2010Zucchini Garlic Chicken Skillet

March 26, 2010A sign just for me.

March 25, 2010Beach Background

March 24, 2010Overdue Library Book

March 23, 2010View through blinds

March 22, 2010Making her best evil face

March 21, 2010Noodleless Lasagna

March 20, 2010Sun on the wall

March 19, 2010How you see me

March 18, 2010What a big mouth you have!

March 17, 2010Morning fog

March 16, 2010Book giveaway #2

March 15, 2010Pretty sunrise

March 14, 2010a new discovery

March 13, 2010I promise I didn’t eat all of it.

March 12, 2010Has Spring Sprung?

March 11, 2010Accidental picture while driving in the rain

March 10, 2010Put it in the froggy bank

March 9, 2010Sorry I missed it

March 8, 2010Orange Popsicle

March 7, 2010Nearly finished

March 6, 2010How I spent my Saturday

March 5, 2010Friday Night Fatness

March 4, 2010Pretty sky today

March 3, 2010Literally dusting off Mr. Elliptical

March 2, 2010Another rainy day

March 1, 2010I wear it wrong

February 28, 2010Cocoa chilling, post-walk

February 27, 2010My man, working with his hands

February 26, 2010Yummy Reruns

February 25, 2010Scenery while sitting in traffic

February 24, 2010Doggie Feet

February 23, 2010Light me up

February 22, 2010Random street, random car

February 21, 2010Bean: A Dog in Motion

February 20, 2010From the series “Blurry Pictures Taken from Car”

February 19, 2010My idea of a relaxing night

February 18, 2010Keep them clean

February 17, 2010Comfy Froggy PJ’s

February 16, 2010My first book giveaway contest

February 15, 2010Cooking something.  Only funny if you know me.

February 14, 2010Had to take a little nibble of each

February 13, 2010Three inches of fluffy fun

February 12, 2010Let it snow…

February 11, 2010Green Tea in my favorite mug

February 10, 2010The wind!  The wind!

February 9, 2010My love 🙂

February 8, 2010The only delicious thing I can cook

February 7, 2010Say goodbye to my 22 year old passport self

February 6, 2010Favorite room at a friend’s house

February 5, 2010Found some bubblegum

February 4, 2010Late for work today

February 3, 2010They taste better than they look.

February 2, 2010Sweeping the rain away

February 1, 2010Sunrise over the bridge

January 31, 2010Daily electronic stimulation

January 30, 2010demonize/demoneyes

January 29, 2010Worth a try?

January 28, 2010Time to slow it down…

January 27, 2010Eyebrow SOS

January 26, 2010eatawayyourfeelings

January 25, 2010A berry cool surprise on our holly bush

January 24, 2010A work in progress

January 23, 2010Brief power outage = spontaneous candlelit evening

January 22, 2010The plant is still alive.

January 21, 2010Rainy Day

Janury 20, 2010Friendly Surprises

January 19, 2010I don’t always enjoy being a girl.

January 18, 2010Bobo is a stereotype.

January 17, 2010Accidental click of the camera = beautiful disaster

January 16, 2010New friends are good for eating.

January 15, 2010Blush, or, The Show Everyone is Watching Except Me

January 14, 2010Hours and hours spent in the company of office supplies

January 13, 2010How many minutes of our lives are wasted in front of red lights?

January 12, 2010Rock wall near my office

January 11, 2010The rising sun, reflected in my frost-covered car window

January 10, 2010 Decided to try age 31 on for size today. Think it fits me better than 30?

January 9, 2010My view most of today, in bed with Cocoa Bean.

January 8, 2010Mockingjay on my lapel = literary inside joke

January 7, 2010Cold today, but that doesn’t mean the sun wasn’t shining.

January 6, 2010Back at work.  My assigned parking spot tickles my numerology fancy.

January 5, 2010My family’s dog, Gatsby, tells us good-bye as we head back home.

January 4, 2010A majestic tree overlooks the spot my grandmother was laid to rest today.

January 3, 2010A visit to my hometown.

January 2, 2010We’re “those people” who haven’t taken down our Christmas decor on January 2.

January 1, 2010Woke up to raindrops on the first day of the decade.


2 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. Great photos! Very artistic.

    I love the idea of this project. I am going to start my own the day I turn 30.

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