Check-off: #40: Send 20 postcards to friends

Completed on 7/12/2010.

I had a bunch of my project365 pics turned into postcards and sent them out to friends just for fun.  Some of them were friends I talk to frequently, others I hadn’t kept in touch with in a few years.  I hope everyone liked them.

Here they are (also my Project365 pic from 7/12):

I actually sent out 21 🙂

I also bumped and extra $5 to savings on August 1 in honor of this July check-off.  I’m still so so so dreadfully behind, on my 101 list, on my blog posts, on everything really.  I need some patience from you, my dear friends.


#97: Buy a bra & panty set that matches (also #project365 (141/365))

Other than having black bras and a bunch of black underwear (which in my opinion doesn’t count), I have absolutely no bra/panty sets that actually are meant to go together.  Just not a priority to me.  Still, I guess in my crazy mind I thought it was important enough back in January 2009 to put it on my 101 list.  Therefore, I present to you….


No, I would never subject you to a picture of me actually wearing said undergarments, so you’ll have to admire the lovely lace and satin.

Oooo la la.

#64: Lose 30 lbs the right way (10/30)

I am a chronic avoider of scales.  I know that they teach you in Weight Watchers (or similar programs) to weigh freqently so you’ll keep yourself in check, but since I have a tendency to become obsessive about things I try to keep it to a minimum.

After sugar detoxing, which causes anyone to drop lbs quickly, I started sticking to a regular routine of cutting out sugar and processed foods as much as possible.  I’ve done this before and lost weight very quickly but I always knew it was something I couldn’t do for the long term.

Enter Cheat Day.  This time around, I’m not interested in crash dieting and losing 40 lbs in 3.5 months (like I did before my wedding) because within 6 months I had gained it all back so quickly I ended up with new stretch marks.  Not kidding.   Now, I eat whatever I want one time a week.  Originally I thought about taking every Saturday off but I think that would stall progress too much, so now I take Saturday nights off only.  It’s also nice for my husband (since he has a crazy-fast metabolism and would shrivel away into nothing if he cut out carbs) to have one night a week for an actual restaurant dinner with his wife.

So, for the past few days I’ve been hopping on the scale, even though I hate it.   I don’t count detox lbs because I don’t consider it real weight loss.  I know most people do, but I consider it loss of bloat.   After a few consistent days, I’ll own up the fact that I’ve managed to take off 10 solid non-detox lbs.  The best thing about this change of eating habits?  I’m actually cooking my own food.  Those who know me probably think that’s hilarious and pray for the survival of my kitchen. I’ll admit it – I’m pretty proud of myself.

So, this post is not a check-off, just a check-in of 10 lbs into “lose 30 lbs the right way.”   By “right way” I mean slowly, and I think 10 lbs in 2 months is a good pace, especially since 10 of those days were spent being a vacation glutton.

By the way, I could stand to lose a lot more than 30 lbs, but this would at least get me out of the holyshitthatsdangerous weight.

If you see me with a cookie, smack it out of my hand and tell me to stay strong.

#4: Vacation out of the country (a Puerto Rico picture post)

Yes, I am aware that Puerto Rico is a US territory.  So, why am I using this as a check-off for “vacation out of the country?”

1) I created an anonymous internet poll.  80% said I should consider this an “out of the country” trip.

2) It turns out that residents of PR consider vacationing in the US “out of the country,” since PR is, in fact, its own country.

3) My American Express Card informed me that if I don’t pay off my balance this billing cycle I will be charged an additional 2.7% interest for my charges in Puerto Rico, since the charges were “foreign.”

Therefore, I’m checking this one off.   That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I still would love a trip to Europe.  Maybe next year if things still are looking rough on the baby front (see previous post).

So, why the trip to Puerto Rico?  My BIL and his (now) wife decided to have a destination wedding there, in San Juan.  Since we just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, we stayed a few days longer for an anniversary trip.  Luckily, my sister and her husband, who live in Florida, decided to come down and stay in the same resort so we were able to spend some time with them.

I took about 500 pictures, but I’m not going to torture you with all of them.  If you know me, just email me and I’ll send you an invite to the snapfish album. I also have a lot more posted on facebook if you’re my FB friend.

Here is a quick summary of the trip:

2 flights each way – a total of about 9 hours in the air total.

My sister and I.  I stayed in a constant state of sweat the entire trip.

Cathedral of San Juan Bautista in Old San Juan, the location of the wedding ceremony

(Ponce de Leon’s tomb is in this church, by the way.)

Here we are! Sweating.


San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal Forts

A few pics near our resort, La Concha

We had a great time, in spite of the murderous heat and a few Bad Luck Ally moments (including a malfunctioning door lock).  Ironically, we came back pale as ever, thanks to SPF 70, then both got burnt today just bumming around the beach for an hour or so.

#58: Learn to cook 5 dishes

Check off alert!  Check off alert!  This is dish #5.

SWEDISH MEATBALLS (south beach friendly)

These turned out fairly well.  My husband actually ate some, and he usually doesn’t touch my (so-called) cooking.

What I did:

Dash of sea salt, maybe a tsp of fresh ground pepper, and a tsp or so of salt-free grilling seasoning (the recipe called for Allspice, but I didn’t have any).

I put the above in a bowl, then dumped 1.5 lbs extra lean ground beef on top.  Mixed it up really well, then shaped 1″ meatballs out of  it.  It made 32 meatballs, I think.

In a skillet, I heated 2 TBS olive oil over med-high heat, then cooked the meatballs for about 2 minutes per side.

I then reduced the heat to medium and cooked the meatballs about 4 minutes, shaking the skillet to roll them around evenly.

Removed meatballs with a slotted spoon, then turned the heat back up to med-high and added 1 cup low sodium chicken broth.

Let it boil for 5 minutes, reducing the liquid by about 1/2.

Added 4 TBS low-fat sour cream, whisking it in.

Cooked 1 minute, then added the meatballs back in.  Removed from heat, mixed the meatballs well with the sauce, and served with parsley sprinkled on top.

I ate steamed squash with this meal.

#58: Learn to cook 5 dishes

I’m on a roll.  I’ve figured out I can pretty much follow a recipe if it’s not too complicated.

I had some chicken breasts already thawed in the fridge and I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store, so I poked around on Recipezaar for a South Beach friendly recipe that included only ingredients I already had in the house.  I found…


In a skillet, brown 2 chicken breasts with a little olive oil.

I should have used a non-stick b/c my chicken kind of stuck.  Oh well.

After browning the chicken, remove it and add a little more olive oil, 2 thinly sliced onions, and 2 cloves of minced garlic (1tsp pre-minced).  Saute until onions are translucent.

Yeah yeah yeah, I see the kind of burnt crap on the pan.  Sigh.

Next, add back the chicken, a 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes, and salt & pepper (in my case, since I don’t use salt I just put a lot of pepper).

Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

Now for the zucchini:  it’s supposed to be 2 medium zucchini cut into 1/2″ thick slices, but one of my zucc was starting to go bad so my pieces are ugly.  Sorry.

Add zucchini to skillet, re-cover and cook 3 min or so (long enough to cook the zucc but not let it get mushy.

The end!  It ended up being very tasty, so I was pleased.  Maybe if I use a bigger skillet next time I can double the recipe so I’ll have 4 servings to last a few days.