Backtrack to December 2008: The Mountain Vacation

COCOA: I’m starting this time. Sorry, Bo.

Ok, let’s go waaaaaay back to last December. I got in the car. I thought maybe we were going to the park or something. Boy, was I wrong! I was in the car FOREVER! I was in the car so long, I thought maybe Mom & Dad had decided it was our new home. I was not happy about this because I only got to go outside a few times, and it was only for a few minutes!

We ended up in a really cool place, though. It was pretty, it was cold, and there was some of these weird little pieces of ice on the ground. I tasted some of it – it was pretty good.

Bobo tasted some of it too. I think he liked it.
BOBO: Yeah, the snow tasted pretty good. I forgot Cocoa had never seen snow before. I’ve not even seen it that often myself.

So, we stayed in this little cabin. I liked it ok, but I didn’t have access to the yard whenever I wanted. Cocoa had it worse, though. She had to stay in her crate when Mom & Dad went anywhere AND at night.

We did go for hikes and long walks, though I think some animals were stalking us at some point. Yeah, I’m paranoid like that. I barked to warn them to STAY BACK, but I think my bark may have made me sound even more delicious.

New floors…

I know I’m terrible about updating now, but since we actually did something new to the house I guess it’s time to stop being so slack!We decided to pull up the carpet in the living/dining rooms and down both hallways in order to put down hardwood floors. The dogs were absolutely killing the living room carpet since they have the doggie door and essentially one big mud pit for a back yard.

We (and by we, I really mean Tim) installed the floors ourselves. Here is a picture account of the process, which was a really big PITA:

First, Tim had to tear up the old hardwoods in the little mini-foyer. They were glued to the floor by much more glue than was necessary, and it was TERRIBLE trying to get all of the glue up:

Then, Tim ripped up all of the carpet. That was much easier. The baseboards were a serious pain, though, because our builder also used much more CAULK than was necessary and we ended up having to buy new baseboards in the end. It’s ok; Cocoa had left teeth marks in a lot of them anyway.
Oh yeah. We painted the hallway as well. I thought it was a good time to do it, since we had no baseboards to tape and we didn’t care if the carpet was ruined.
The guy who sold us the flooring gave us upgraded padding for free. Bobo & Cocoa kept laying on it all day long. We had to roll it out all over the floor.
The beginning. Tim assigned me to glue cleaning duty. I cleaned glue between the joints with a damp cloth, dried it, then used painter’s tape in several places between every joint (this was a tip from the floor guy).
In progress…
Bobo approved. Cocoa was kind of scared of the floor, so she stayed outside most of the weekend. When she came in, she refused to leave the kitchen.
Day 1 done. We finished the living room on the first day, and just had to complete the hallway on the second day. Both of us were really sore.

Here is what the living room looked like after I took the tape off. Pretty!

I don’t have any pictures of the house once the furniture is moved back in, because Tim went out of town and the furniture is still scattered all over the house! I’ll update again with better pictures soon 🙂

#32: Get Cocoa microchipped & Bobo updated

We took Cocoa to the vet yesterday to have her microchipped and had Bobo scanned so we would know his microchip number.  I called the company who supposedly handles his chip (AVID), but they said the chip number is a Home Again brand chip (coincidentally, the company who handles Cocoa’s chip.  So, I registered both Bobo & Cocoa online with the company.   Here’s the part that bugs me – I have to pay $30 a year for the records to be kept in their system!  Back in 2001, when Bobo was chipped, this service was free.  Regardless, I’m glad I have this checked off.  It makes me feel safer to know that they’ll be scanned at the animal shelter if they’re ever picked up.  Both of my babies are pit mixes, so they probably wouldn’t be put up for adoption if they were turned in.

bobo & cocoa

November 27, 2008

BOBO: Ok, so once again I was minding my own business after enjoying a nice relaxing day.

Then THIS happened:

WHAT? Mom & Cocoa went for a jog (I’m still angry they left me here, by the way) and I was preparing to be sulky and really play it up so I could get more treats. Suddenly, they come in with THAT behind them. OK, I’m just now getting used to Cocoa’s bratty antics, and you bring home another BOY? He acted like he was scared of me, and all I wanted to do was give him a healthy sniff. What am I, the big bad wolf?

Anyway, the boy went in the backyard so I followed him and sniffed him a bunch and made sure I covered up any of his pee with my own. You know, this is my territory after all. Then Mom & Dad gave him food and water and he didn’t eat any (WHAT is wrong with him?). They closed up my little door and left me & Cocoa inside and him outside. He kept talking, but it was mostly talking to the other dogs behind the fence. I can tell Mom & Dad were annoyed. They always get mad when I talk too loud.

I wasn’t mad for TOO long, because we ate some turkey legs. Nom nom. Speaking of, I’m going to go grab some grub so I’ll let my psycho little sister finish the story…

COCOA: I wasn’t mad at the new dog. I wanted to check out the newbie but he wasn’t having any of it – he ran from me! Haha!

It was all fun & games, until Mom put him in my little house. MY.LITTLE.HOUSE. Ugh! Now it’s going to smell like him, even though they took my blanket out for me. I guess that’s the least they could do. He ended up eating like a pig, so I guess he was hungry. Then he passed out for a few hours, and slept all the way through the night. I got up in the morning, and he really wanted to go out to potty so he started crying. Mom let him out, thank goodness, because I didn’t want him to pee in MY.LITTLE.HOUSE! Then we all played for a little while, but Mom took him to the car, drove away, and came back without him!

She explained to me (though I didn’t even ask!) that the newbie that had followed me in the door was a stray(?) meaning he was lost from his family and she had brought him to our doctor (yayayayay – my favorite doctor!) and the doctor said she’d keep him and see if she can find his parents. So, he wasn’t really a newbie but a visitor. I liked him anyway.

November 19, 2008

BOBO: Ok, so Cocoa has been convinced to go into this little cage every day. Mom just tells her “go get in your house” and she runs in like it’s the greatest thing in the world. Then she gets lots of praise and treats – and even a chewy stick! I decided to check this thing out. I didn’t get any praise or any treats. Hmmph. I don’t see what the big deal is.

COCOA: When Mom & Dad let me out of my house, I usually find a way to annoy Bobo immediately. I have to make up for lost time, after all.

November 15, 2008

BOBO: I’m trying to enjoy the outdoors before it starts to get really cold. I don’t mind the cold, but I like the grass & dirt a lot better when it’s warm outside. I love sunny days, as long as I can go inside when I get too hot!

COCOA: I love the heat, and it’s been getting colder and colder outside. I kind of remember the cold before, but I was surrounded by my mom & brothers so we were all warm. By the time we went to our new home with all of the other dogs it was warm outside. Then, when I came home with Mom & Dad & Bobo it was really warm. Then it got too hot and I stayed inside and drank lots and lots of water.
Now that I spend most of my day in my new little house, I really love the time I get to play in the yard. I like the little house too, though. I always have treats and toys inside, and I get to snuggle up on a warm blanket. I have to hold my pee! I’m really good at it! Sometimes I get nervous that Mom & Dad might be gone all day, though. I wonder if I could hold it that long?

October 10, 2008

BOBO: Well, Cocoa has done it this time! She was upset that Mom & Dad were gone and went nuts on the wall. When Mom came home, she was so mad! I haven’t seen her that mad since the time I ran away from home and she found me at the community pool.

COCOA: I don’t know what to say. Mom just described the situation as “Cause & Effect”.

September 13, 2008

BOBO: Dad sure is loud when his favorite football team plays. I’m used to it, and I just leave the room or go outside. Cocoa still gets scared, though, because she thinks he is yelling at her. I told her to come outside, and I decided to play with her for a while. Yeah, I know, I’m too kind.

COCOA: I didn’t feel well last night. I found something to crunch on, but then it started leaking something wet and I spit it out. A little while later, my belly hurt so I went outside to get some grass. Then I threw up. Yuck. Mom freaked out when she saw me, though, because she said my tongue is blue! She also said my barf was blue, but she was too busy trying to clean it up for me to see. She showed me what I crunched on, and told me “NO!” She said Dad’s “SHARPIES” will always make me sick. I didn’t know! It was on the coffee table, and I like to check out the coffee table for goodies.

August 2, 2008

BOBO: Didn’t I mention I didn’t like water? Well, we went on a “long journey” and we were in the car so long I thought we’d end up at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. Instead we went to a house I’ve only been to once, except this time it was empty instead of full of people and kids. I didn’t mind – it was relaxing but didn’t have a fence so I had to hold my pee until someone took me out. Just like the old days.
Anyway, while we were there Mom & Dad made me get into what I thought might be a type of car but it was on water instead! I was afraid I’d fall off or that I’d get wet, but it ended up being pretty fun. I just hung out in the shade and felt the breeze. I got kind of wobbly a few times, but I liked looking over the edge.

The only bad part about the weekend was the storm. It was bad, and I was scared. I have no idea why my crazy parents like these things! They’re dangerous! I bet a tree could have fallen on the house, or it could have been struck by lightning!

COCOA: Just when I started liking the car…..we went for the longest ride ever! I was ok, but did NOT enjoy it. We ended up someplace strange and I didn’t know if was our new house or not. I was also really confused b/c I couldn’t find the little door to go outside and use the bathroom, so when I had to go I just went where I was. What? What was I supposed to do? Hold it?

I liked the rug and the hard, cold floors and the porch so I could watch everything. I also liked the ride we took in the car they called a “boat”! I liked this a lot better than the other car because it was open and I could feel the wind and it was on water so I could have escaped if I wanted. I thought about jumping off into the water but changed my mind b/c Bobo refused to go with me. Mom & Dad jumped off and it looked like fun.
We finally got back in the car and stayed in it for a long time again. When I got back out, we were home. Boy, was I glad to see my little door again!