We Measure Our Years in Old Navy Hoodies.


“I can see how much they’ve grown. I remember when those hoodies were big on them,” one of the boys’ toddler teachers remarked to me the other day.

Fall. I can remember too, and those hoodies were big on them last fall. I must have closed my eyes a moment too long, because suddenly E has an inch of belly exposed under his jacket and the fit is just a tad too snug. Parents often mention how time gets away from them, how time can be forgiving and deceitful all at once. You know what isn’t deceitful? Clothes. One day you’re swimming in an Old Navy hoodie and the next you have that inch of belly.

It doesn’t stop when you’re a child. You don’t have to be fashionable for your life to be measured in clothes. The prom dress turned sorority formal dress turned just another dress in my parents’ closet collecting dust. The graduation gown. The wedding dress. The skinny jeans I can wear and then can’t wear and then can and can’t wear again and again. The maternity pants with the panel that once fit snugly over my enormous bump but now hangs uselessly. We buy, we donate, we give away our years.

When I bought these 3T hoodies, I remember thinking they might last a couple of years this time. The boys tried them on, playing with the zipper as I pushed up the long sleeves and had plenty of hood room to cover their knit hats. Every year we buy new ones, generic hoodies in whatever color we happen to like at the time, knowing they will be thrown off in the mud and soaked in the rain and washed over and over until they fade. These are unimportant items, right? Not fashionable, not thought out or carefully selected. Except they are important, after all. When I look back at pictures from this winter, I see what must be hoodies shrinking smaller and smaller, because surely my babies can’t be getting bigger and bigger.

So in a few weeks I’ll pass along their latest Old Navy hoodies, like the ones that were passed along before, and measure out one more year, knowing one day too soon I’ll trade them in for the graduation gown, the college sweatshirt, the tux…



Vacation is over! Part Two

My previous post discussed preparation for Disney and our Disney Day 1 in Magic Kingdom.

Disney Day 2: Park Hopping
Day two was less grueling than day one, mostly because we had help! We decided to drive in that morning bright and early and my sister (who lives locally) and brother-in-law met us at the gate of Hollywood Studios. We picked this park first because we really wanted the boys to be able to ride Toy Story Mania and heard the line gets insane very quickly upon park opening.

We heard right! We went immediately to the ride when the park opened, and the wait was already 15 minutes. By the time we exited the ride, it was up to an hour wait. 

IMG_3964Luckily, the line to meet Buzz and Woody wasn’t yet too long, so we were able to get the boys right in. N’s favorite character has been Woody lately, but he wanted nothing to do with the life-sized version! Buzz was a big hit with E again, and he was willing to pose for some shots.

From there, we walked to get in line for Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc right before they arrived. This time, E was more apprehensive (though willing) and N jumped right in. He wanted to hold Mike’s hand while we took pictures.IMG_3976

cars4Waiting in line for Lightning McQueen and Mater took no time at all. They are stationary so we didn’t have to worry about break time or interaction between the characters and the kids. We ended up having to go through the line twice because N did not want to give up his time with McQueen. He was so enamored, and when we told him it was time for the next kid in line’s turn he lamented, “But I love him!”

Next we met Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates), who was a big hit with both boys, and we ran into Sofia the First when she was going to go take a break.

Click on page 2 to see the rest – this is another long/image heavy post!

Vacation is over! Part One

I have to do this in two parts since I’m being long-winded here.

Our trip was a success! Thanks to some last minute planning and some cheats from a Disney info blog, we were able to see and do everything we wanted and never waited in a line longer than 20 minutes.


We knew what the boys were into, so I definitely wanted to get in a lot of character meets. They ended up being scared of some characters, tolerant of others and really excited for a handful of them. It turns out my kids are also little adrenaline junkies and they loved the rides the most.

Click on page 2 below if you want to read our full itinerary and pictures 🙂


In preparation of Disney World…


Less than a week to go before our quick trip to Disney World, and I have prepared very little. Something can be said for winging it, right?

I booked our hotel (we’re also staying with my sister later in the week) and reserved a couple of character meals. I checked on times for different character meet-n-greets and took notes. I bought some swim suits. I have not yet started packing.

The boys are not yet three, so this visit will be less elaborate that ones in the future. We’re spending day in Magic Kingdom, park-hopping one day, and that’s it! We’ll see what we can and not worry about the things we miss. At this age, the magic will be in full force regardless.

The only sites I’ve used are the official My Disney Experience website and the cheat sheets on Easy WDW.

Worries: N’s peanut allergy. N’s new game of “catch me” that he likes to play. Heat. Orlando is mild in March, right? RIGHT?

May I confess that I’m excited for my sister to watch the boys one day while my husband and I enjoy Harry Potter at Universal?


Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

The boys are still at an age where the actual process of Trick-or-Treating means more than the candy. Since N has a peanut allergy, we will always have to screen candy and will have to come up with a future game plan. This year it was simple – we let them collect whatever candy was given to them and put it in their buckets. When we got home, they almost immediately forgot about the candy and were more excited about playing with glow sticks. We dumped the candy back into our candy bowl and gave it away.

E was game. He willingly visited every house. N was a little more reserved. He preferred to hang out in the wagon until his cousin and friends showed up and he decided to participate with the group. Our neighborhood was packed with kids because it has sidewalks and streetlights and a lot of parents bring their kids in from other neighborhoods.

Here are our minions!

Edited to add: Since a few people have asked, I bought the yellow shirts from Kohl’s (in Yukon Gold), the overalls from OshKosh and the hats were made by etsy seller Crochet4Cuties. I picked up some $0.79 gloves from Walmart and made the Gru symbol myself out of felt.

minions minions3 minions2 minions4 minions5


Happy Fall!

The is the best shot of the two of them. They were much more excited about the pumpkin patch than they appear in this picture…Image

Fall is my favorite season. I like cooler weather, I miss the changing leaves from my childhood. Here on the coast, most of the trees are evergreens. I prefer to dress in cool weather clothes. Halloween. Pumpkin spice and Cinnamon and Vanilla. Campfires, falling leaves, spunky dogs. Football (it was much more fun to attend in person). Does anyone else love this season?

This blog…

This happens to the best of us. Some people become mommies and suddenly transform from blogger to mommy blogger. Others (the non-committed blogger like me) either drop off the face of the planet or become sporadic bloggers, content to only post random baby pictures that only interest the friends and grandparents who visit their blog.

So, what does this blog become? I’m considering going back to review my 101 list and see what other items I have accidentally checked off over the past two years. Maybe I’ll finally upload the rest of my Project365 pictures (I did, in fact, complete the 365 days). Maybe I’ll discuss the little ways parts of me have been slowly waking up after spending over a year in a mommy haze.

For today, I’m content being that sporadic blogger. So, here are your baby pictures, grandma and friends:


My beautiful, beautiful boys.

And just for good measure, here are the pups (in case anyone wanted to see how they are doing):