Patio Furniture…

Sorry for the loooooong time between posts! I have another blog I’ve been updating frequently (Ally’s 101), and have been neglecting both this one and my lovely Bobo/Cocoa blog.
A few months ago, we decided to add to the patio by purchasing some furniture after it has all gone on clearance after the summer. At first we tried to find a cute little four seater table with umbrella, but we couldn’t find anything we liked. Instead, we fell in love with this set of 2 chairs, 2 ottomans, a loveseat and coffee table, which happened to be marked about 60% off:

It’s just nice to be able to fit it now that we added the extra brick onto the patio. Otherwise, it would have taken up the entire space.

We still wanted an umbrella, so I found an offset umbrella from Amazon that was reasonably priced. I just ran out and took a pic of it. Right now it’s closed and I was going to open it to show how big it is (it covers almost the entire set when opened) but it’s too cold and I was too lazy to crank it right now:

The furniture is actually VERY comfortable, almost like living room furniture, only waterproof. The dogs have also taking a liking to it, as we discovered when we started noticing muddy paw prints all over:

Cue the angels singing…

These beasts cost more than our living room furniture. They should fold & put away my laundry as well.

Hm. They sure are pretty, though. They even play a little tune when they’re finished.

I just did a load of sheets, and I’m a little shocked at how quickly they dried. Upgrade x 1000000 over our old W&D.

Playing with the patio…

Tim worked on the the patio extension and path over a month ago, but I’m just now posting pictures. I don’t have any newer ones than these, but we have cleaned it up a bit since these were taken.The brick path starts at the gate and runs down the side of the house. On one side is grass, on the other side is the flower bed w/ mulch & azaleas.

The path wraps around to the back of the house, where we extended our tiny little patio by 3 feet on each side. Now we might actually have room for a patio table AND the grill…

Living room updates…

I found these cool shelving cubes at Target, and we decided to turn a wall into a bookshelf. So far, we have these piece put together (I just threw some books & stuff on there for an example):
I still need to get 2 more pieces, which will go at the bottom right, about two feet tall.Most importantly, our new living room furniture arrived yesterday! Like our bedroom furniture, it seems so big for our little living room, so we’ll need to move some things around. Here’s how the delivery guys put it down, though:

Meet Mr. Big Red and his wife, Little Big Red. Big Red is a sleeper sofa, so at least there will be another place for guests to sleep.

A day of mulch…

We loaded up the truck with about 30 bags of black mulch and filled in the island plus surrounded the azaleas in the side yard. We also bought a stone border for the island, though we’ve decided to go back and get more soon and line the fence with a border as well. We’re afraid our mulch will wash into our neighbor’s grass.

More yard work…

We worked on the back yard a bit today! First, we bought these little azaleas:

and planted them in a row beside the house. We’ll but down mulch around them, and you can see the center where we’re creating a walkway. We’re going to find a bigger shrub for the corner:

We found a tree for our island! After driving to a few nurseries around town, we finally found a good deal on this nice healthy pink dogwood in Hampstead. It was HEAVY, but we managed to get it from the truck to the hole, only slightly breaking a wheelbarrow in the process:

We staggered some azaleas around it as well. The entire area will be covered in black mulch, and we’re on the lookout for a nice border for the island.

As promised, stock photos! Here are the couch and loveseat we bought (we bought a sleeper sofa so guests will have more room to sleep):

But we ended up buying this coffee table instead of the one in the picture:

and matching end tables:

The living room furniture will be here toward the end of May.

Bedroom furniture is here….

…and it’s really big! We ended up buying a lot of pieces – king bed, dresser/mirror, chest of drawers, and two nightstands – and it all barely fits into our small Master bedroom. (Ignore the curtains – they match the old bedding.)
Here’s the dresser/mirror:
One of the nightstands:
Chest. We’re putting the TV on top of this as soon as we figure out how to run the cable wire alllllll the way around the room:
The new bedding is Calvin Klein “Madeira”
Here’s a close-up of the fabric:
Finally, another bed view:
We ordered new living room furniture, but it won’t be here until May 20th. I’ll hunt down the stock photos and post them in a little while.

We’re heading out to buy some shrubs!

Working on the backyard…

The grass is really starting to come in now. We have to keep the sod heavily watered, but luckily it has survived so far!

We’re going to work on the rest of the landscaping over the next couple of weekends.

Tim started my vegetable garden for me. Green peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, squash, and strawberries.

Making some progress…

We’re starting to update the decor of our house, or, as Tim calls it, “getting our big boy furniture.” No big boy living room furniture yet, but we did get this nice rug to put under the coffee table:

And this rug for the entrance. Bobo & Cocoa decided immediately it was a good place for a nap.
We’re also working on the landscaping in the backyard. We purchased sod since our only attempt to grow grass from seed failed miserably. When these pictures were taken, it was still completely dormant:

This area will end up being a little vegetable garden. I murder plants in general; lets hope I can keep the vegetables semi-alive long enough to eat a few of them:
We’re also extending the teeny-tiny patio with stone. Tim bordered off the area here:
…and here for a walkway from the gate to the patio:
I didn’t take a picture of it, but the back right corner of the yard will have a landscaped area with a few bushes and one nice tree. I think we’re going to get a white dogwood.We ordered bedroom furniture, and it will be here next week. I’ll take pictures of it when it comes in. We also purchased a new mattress and new bedding. I’ll get pictures up this weekend, hopefully!