I’m still alive…

…just haven’t been posting.  Yes, I’ve still been taking Project365 pictures but I haven’t been on the computer at home too much so I haven’t uploaded them.  I’ve been pretty sick and generally lethargic, so I apologize. Maybe an update this weekend?


P.S.  I would love and appreciate any good vibes, thoughts, prayers you can spare!


#project365: Box of Books

Once in a while I make a mass purchase from the bookstore, and I started filling up my Barnes & Noble wishlist since I was nearing the end of the unread books on my bookshelf.   However, my book club friend Katie let me know that she had a nice pile of mystery/thriller type books she wasn’t planning to read and graciously sent me a box of good ones.

Thanks, Katie!  I’ll let you know what I think after I give each book a try.

For my other recent reads, I made a new post over on CasuALLY Writing (my writing blog).  No reviews, just a little list but if you want to discuss any of them let me know!

It’s not Kabbalah.

People keep asking me about my bracelet, most of them asking if it’s a Kabbalah bracelet.

It’s not.

I mostly just tell them one of my friends made it for me, which is the truth, but there’s  more to the story.  I actually posted it on my blog before, back on April 8, 2010 for my Project365 when it arrived in the mail with a nice card from my friend Jenny:

I’ve worn it every day since.  So, what’s the story behind this reddish-purple bracelet?

It’s called Infertility’s Common Thread, and to read the back story, click here —–>  The History of Infertility’s Common Thread

Jenny was one of my few sounding boards when I was still in the infertility closet, and she gave me this bracelet as a reminder that I’m not alone.  There are so many women out there, like her, who couldn’t have a child without a lot of help.  Her story is amazing by the way, so if you haven’t checked out What the Blog? you need to NOW.  She’s now in her 2nd trimester with triplets, and I’m hoping some of her luck (specifically 1/3 of her luck) will rub off on me sometime soon.

So if you see someone like me wearing a pomegranate (not red!) bracelet, take a second to mentally wish her good luck with her struggle.

Now, a quick update on me!  We were on a forced 2 cycle TTC break post-surgery.  I have a repeat HSG scheduled next Wednesday to see if the surgery was successful and hopefully we will get the all-clear!   My father also has a procedure scheduled next Wednesday, so if you have me on your thoughts & prayers list, please add him as well.

Thanks as always for everyone’s support!  xoxo

Writing Blog update

It’s up.  Not much there yet, but feel free to become a follower.  Maybe it will become interesting as I do more with it:

I’m a dork.  I called it CasuALLY Writing.  (clicky)

Also, head over to my Project365 page to see my pictures from yesterday and today.

Here is the one from yesterday:

Um, it isn’t my imagination, right?  There’s some weirdass circle of darker grass in my yard.  Anyone know what is causing it, or is it just random?

Today’s pic:  Bobo in the new Costco bed.  I bought just one, and Bo & Bean seem to alternate sleeping in it.  I love how they share everything.

Blog Overkill

So, I’m starting  a new blog.  Sounds stupid, since I have a hard time keeping up with the ones I have.  House blog?  Occasional update (my IRL friends and family only have this link anyway).  Bo & Co?  Slackers, both of them.  This blog has even been crap lately.  So, why start another?

I’m determined to finish my 2009 NaNoWriMo Work-In-Progress.  It doesn’t have to be publish-worthy.  It doesn’t have to please anyone except me.  I just want to see this project through to completion.  It drives me insane that I’ve written half of a novel and not finished it, especially since I know exactly where the story is going and I have a pretty good idea of how I want it to end.  I just lost steam after NaNo.  It was an intense month of writing, and I have thought and thought about the WIP ever since.  Now I just need to get it on paper.

For some reason, every time I open the file, I read a page or two and turn it off.  I find myself wanting to revise, but I need to actually complete the rough draft before I think about revising.  So, I printed out a hard copy of everything (front and back, wide margins, don’t worry – tried to be as eco-friendly as possible!) and stuck it in a binder.  I’m going to force myself to JUST read.  No pen in hand to make corrections.  I want to see how the story works without thinking about what I want to change.

So, yesterday’s Project365 is a picture of the hardcopy.  Purposefully blurry, of course:

I also have 2 screenplays pending, thanks to ScriptFrenzy 2009 & 2010.    One is complete at 103 pages, but needs crazy amounts of revision. The second is sitting at about 104 pages, but isn’t complete.   I’ll keep track of the progress of those on my new blog as well.  And then there’s NaNo2010.  I have an idea, so I’ll have yet another partial draft sitting out in space.

I think I’ll also discuss books & reading on the new blog.  I haven’t decided yet.  When I get everything up and running, I’ll post the link.  I’ll link this (my personal blog) to my writing blog, but I won’t link back.   The new blog will not have any discussions about my personal life, photography, infertility, 101 in 1001, etc.

I also opened up a new twitter account just for discussing writing/books.  My personal twitter (which still will get constant and obnoxious tweets) is linked at the top right.


FYI Re: #Project365

Yes, I’m still taking daily pictures.  I have just been using my husband’s computer so I haven’t uploaded them to my blog.  I have uploaded a bunch to my flickr account, though, so if you click on my Project365 July-Dec tab above and click on the slideshow of the year, you can see pics up until a few days ago.  I haven’t uploaded the past few days yet.

I’m on my computer as we speak and plan to update everything on here soon.  Sorry I suck lately, but I’ve been sick and offline.


#Project365: Toads ‘N Hose (192/365)

Even if you don’t like the creature I found in my garage, what do you think about the one I found hiding out in the water hose a few minutes ago?

I have always loved toads and frogs.  In fact, I used to collect frog trinkets and stuffed animals, my old AOL email address involves the word froggie, and I even considered getting a frog tattoo when I was younger.

(P.S.  The title of this post is only remotely funny if you have seen the movie “Stepbrothers” with Will Farrell.)

This week in review… #project365 (186-191/365)

Lack of excitement and abundance of laziness = just now uploading this week’s Project365 pictures.  Here they are, with the briefest of explanations…

While pulling up Bobo pics for his slideshow, I remembered that I had the picture of Bobo reflected in the rearview mirror hanging on the wall.  The other picture is of a sailboat at sunset taken at Huntington Beach, CA when I visited back in 1999 or so.

Tim took my car in for an oil change that day and drove my car for the rest of the day.  I snapped him when he pulled into the driveway.

Bean has been doing a great job of not tearing up anything when we leave her out of her crate during the day.  However, she still sometimes attacks pieces of paper.  In this case, she managed to steal Tim’s daytimer and shred it all over the backyard.

My post-surgery flowers have finally wilted.  Time to throw them out…

Laying out new tile for the kitchen.  You can see the old crap at the top right.  I’ll make the kitchen tile project a separate post when we’re all done!

Last but not least, THIS ASSHOLE WAS IN MY GARAGE!!!!!  I made the picture bigger so you can truly appreciate the terror.  I’m not a person who is usually scared of bugs, spiders, etc but knowing these are around creeps me out so much!!

Coming up….I have a check-off (finally), today’s project365, the tiling project and a reading update.  Hopefully over the next couple of days.

A Celebration of Boboman!

Today is July 4th.  The nation is celebrating Independence Day, but this day is doubly special to us since it’s also BOBO’S BIRTHDAY!  Not only is it Bo’s birthday, but today he is celebrating a huge milestone – he is 10 years old!

I adopted Bobo in 2001 when he was a year old from a shelter in Greensboro, NC.  He has moved with me 7 times and has endured the adoption of his obnoxious sibling, Bean.  Bobo was the man in my life before I even met Tim.  He will forever remain the only pet I have ever had all on my own.  All dogs before him were family pets, and any dog from this point forward will be our pet.  Bobo used to be mine and mine alone, when I had no one else.

Bobo is in great shape, but he has slowed down over the years.  He has some sore joints and a lot of white fur, but he’s still spunky when he gets excited and still fiercely protective and loyal to us.  My hope is that Bean will keep him young and that he will live his remaining years as happy as a dog can possibly be.

A tribute to my Bobo:  here are pictures of him (in order) from 2001 – today:

The video finishes with the picture I took this morning, for my Project365:

Happy Birthday, my precious Boboman 🙂