#Project365: Relaxing (183-4/365)

It’s been too hot to enjoy the outdoors lately here in NC.  Near-record highs every day, and it’s only June.  I have a feeling this is going to be a blistering hot summer, and with unusual weather comes the increased likelihood of a hurricane.  We’re due for one, anyway.

So, Friday afternoon I had planned to bum around the house under the protection of the cool a/c, when Megan tweeted that it felt awesome outside.  I ventured out the back door onto our patio and discovered she was right – it was low-80’s outside and the humidity was low, something rare in the summers of NC.  I took my laptop and camera outside and spent some quality yard time with the dogs.

I discovered they go crazy if a squirrel runs across the fence!  I  haven’t witnessed this before, and it was entertaining.

Yesterday, I began working on a project that involved a lot of digging around on my computer AND through picture boxes for scanning.  You’ll get to see the end result shortly when I post it!


#Project365: A new friend (182/365)

Quickie post – my dear friend W finally brought her shiny new baby G to visit the workplace.  I’m already in love.  He is absolutely adorable.

Of course, me holding a baby sparks comments from my co-workers who don’t know about our infertility struggle.  “Awww, you’re next!” “Awww, doesn’t that make you want one too?” “Awww, you look good with a baby in your arms!”   Hope so, yes, thanks.

In the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through my friend W, an all around awesome person who will be an awesome mother too.

Also – notice I changed the tabs at the top.  I separated the Jan-June from the July-Dec for my Project365.  Hopefully this will ease on the page loading.

The (potential) de-crating of Bean (& #project365 180-1/365)

If you don’t know the story of the path of destruction left by Bean (aka Cocoa), then I suggest you start HERE.   That was the “final straw” post, so feel free to flip back through the older posts on that old blog to see other things she destroyed as a puppy.  Long story short, Bean had a pretty bad case of separation anxiety and ripped the house apart.  After she finally destroyed some drywall, we decided to crate train her, both for our sanity’s sake and for her own safety.

So, we settled into a routine for nearly the past 2 years.  When we leave the house, Bean goes into her crate.  She doesn’t mind, and in fact seems to enjoy her little private space.  I come home every day for lunch and let her out for a bit, then she returns to the crate until one of us gets home from work.

A few months ago, we began to experiment.  Sometimes we would leave her out when we ran down to the store for a few minutes.  Then we left  her out a little longer, an hour or so when we went on a weekly grocery trip.  Then we tried for a couple of hours while we went out to dinner.  Finally, I left her out for one of my half-day Fridays.

That brings us to yesterday.  Yesterday, I left her out all day.  No destruction.  Today, once again, I left her out all day.  No destruction.  In fact, when I came home for lunch, I found her in this position:

When I came home from work, she was in the EXACT same position.  Good girl.  No destruction.  If this trend continues, it may lead to the permanent de-crating.

Also, here is my picture from yesterday, as another storm rolled in:

#Project365: Catching up on doing nothing (176-179/365)

Sorry I haven’t posted my Project365 for a few days.  I didn’t even have my computer on for the most part.  Any tweeting and google reading came from the trusty iPhone.  That being said, I didn’t have much to chat about anyway.

I last left you with my surgery update.  It took a little longer to recover than I expected, but then again they ended up doing a little more surgery than expected so that’s to be expected.  Expected? Expected.

So, what did I do?  I tried to sleep.   My mommy took care of me as I rolled around trying not to flex my ab muscles.  My mommy brought me flowers:

I got to stare at and pet my dogs a lot.   They stared back at me and were kind enough to avoid jumping up on me.

I never really noticed before that Bobo matches our hardwood floors.

My stomach hates me on a normal day.  My stomach REALLY hated me when I took pain meds.  My stomach still hates me today.  I will not go into detail (you can thank me later) but THIS was a part of my diet for the past couple of days, even though I was off all pain meds except Advil since Friday:

I wish that was alcohol, but alas it was room-temp ginger ale.   My intention was to return to work Monday, but I spent the day being nauseous and so dizzy the room would start to spin if I walked around for more than a few minutes.  Icing on the cake?  I tried to drive to the store and walk around, but ended up with such a hellacious migraine I had to spend a few hours in a dark room with an eye mask.  I hardly EVER get migraines.  My sister gets chronic migraines and I have no idea how she functions.

Yesterday, my wonderful co-workers sent me even more flowers.  The bouquet was big and I took a bunch of pictures of the individual flowers, but this was probably my favorite:

Today I’m back at work.  Still not feeling 100%, but good enough to last most of the day.  I think I’m going to cut out early, though, since I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night and I don’t want to get too run down.

On a different note – I’m going to split my Project365 page into 2 parts beginning July 1.  The current page is so photo heavy it’s making my computer drag when I pull it up.  So, look for Project365 parts 1 and 2 on the tabs above.

#Project365: panic shot (174/365)

As you know, I had surgery yesterday.  I’ll update all of the information in a different TMI post later today, but for right now, let me introduce you to my project365 panic shot:

This is what happens when it’s 11pm and you realize you haven’t taken a picture all day long.  Sure, I had an excuse but I didn’t want to break my picture commitment.  So, you have a beautiful shot of the view from my bed, illuminated by only the light of the TV and taken with my phone.  What an artist. 😛

#Project365: Office funnies (173/365)

You know that episode of The Office?  The one where Pam puts a note on the messy microwave and walks in on people making fun of the note, who then tell her that the note is more obnoxious than the mess, not knowing that she was the one who wrote it?

Well, that kind of happened to me today.

I walked into the breakroom to find this new note:

I then proceeded to read it out loud very dramatically to my co-worker, who was peacefully enjoying her lunch.  Instead of making fun of it with me, she started to explaining the note and how someone put dirty dishes in the clean dish area etc, etc.  Oops.  Guess I found the note-writer.  She’s right – the fork still covered in cheese in the dish drainer was disgusting, but notes in office kitchens will forever make me giggle.

Juuuust a little nervous… (172/365) #project365

Had my pre-op appointment Monday, and in light of the fact that I am FREAKING OUT over having this surgery my doctor decided to call me in a little bit of back-up:

Yep, that’s Xanax.  I’ve never taken it before (you’re talking to someone who barely takes Advil) but I supposed it did calm my nerves.  I did sleep rather well on it, at least.

#Project365: Dinner with Jess! (171/365)

I talk to my friend Jess almost every day, but only through email since she lives a few hours away.   Luckily, she and her boyfriend Matt came down to vacation in Wrightsville Beach this weekend and we were able to get together for dinner.  She was finally able to meet Tim, too.  My friends from out of town usually don’t get to see Tim since he works all the damn time.

Lauren, Cam, Andriena – go ahead and express your jealousy 🙂

So, today’s pic: Beautiful Jess at Elijah’s in downtown Wilmington.

#Project365: Weirdos (170/365)

Bobo is petrified of storms.  He pants and shakes like a leaf.  Bean pretends she is scared because Bobo is, but really has no idea why Bobo is acting like a fool.  So, we had a brief but heavy storm Saturday and Bobo, naturally, had a panic attack.  Bean decided to lick him repeatedly to try to calm him down.  She’s a little mother hen sometimes.

My dogs are weird.